The process of food production for cats, dogs, fish, and horses is called extrusion. The benefits to this process include its versatility, efficiency, food safety and products with optimal nutritional value. Food extrusion is a special process that consists in cooking the ingredients and shaping the product in a way that it can be more easily assimilated by cats and dogs and it can also facilitate buoyancy in water for fish. It provides crispness, achieving good palatability for the animals, and it also facilitates a longer shelf time. Throughout the whole process there is strict quality control from the selection of the raw materials suppliers to the shipment of the final product.

Production flowchart

The process of food production for cats, dogs, fish or horses is essentially the same, but there are some particularities of each segment.

After being received and analyzed, ingredients such as corn and protein bran are ground and added to the mixer, where micro ingredients are also added. Then the second grinding is made, now even finer, resulting in a high quality extruded product and ensuring an optimal nutrient absorption.

Food extrusion processing consists of cooking with added water under high pressure and high temperature in a short period of time. This thermal process allows the use of ingredients that would be otherwise unfeasible to provide them raw for the animals. However, after this cooking process, the product − with high food safety standards − is ready for consumption by the animals.

Due to the large quantity of added water, it is necessary to dry the product, reducing its humidity from 20% or 30% to 12%. This is paramount for the product preservation. Along the process, essential variables such as humidity and water activity are analyzed.

The product is then cooled down to ambient temperature and it receives its coating. At this stage, the extruded product receives fats and palatability enhancers by means of a pressurized applicator which produces a spray system that reaches the whole surface of the final product. Then the product is ready to be bagged in appropriate and specific packages to ensure good preservation and to maintain the food characteristics.

VB Alimentos operates according to internationally renowned programs such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). This means that we assure the food products reliability and traceability in all stages of the process, from the supplier to the end consumer. We always seek optimal quality, product improvement, and equipment technology, maintaining high standards throughout the whole process. Always focusing on the three fundamental points of IQP-VB (Integrated Quality Program VB), which are Animal Health and Nutrition, Food Safety, and Product Performance, VB Alimentos offers more than just commercial options, we offer safety and guaranteed results!