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Complete food for Equines


Guaranteed Analysis

Humidity (Max) 90g/Kg (9%), Gross Protein (Min) 160g/Kg (16%) Ethereal Extract (Min) 45g/Kg (4,5%), Fibrous Material (Max) 80g/Kg (8%), Mineral Matter (Max) 100g/Kg (10%) Calcium (Min) 10g/Kg (1%) Calcium (Max) 15g/Kg (1,5%) Phosphorus (Min) 5.000mg/Kg (0,5%), Digestive Energy (Min) 3.300kcal/Kg, Fiber In Acid Detergent (Fda) (Max) 180g/Kg, Lysine (Min) 6.000mg/Kg, Methionine (Min) 3.000mg/Kg, Sodium (Min) 3.000mg/Kg, Magnesium (Min) 1.600mg/Kg, Sulfur (Min) 2.000mg/Kg, Potassium (Min) 6.000mg/Kg, Vitamin A (Min) 12.500ui/Kg, Vitamin D3 (Min) 1.250ui/Kg, Vitamin E (Min) 67,50ui/Kg, Vitamin K3 (Min) 2mg/Kg, Tiamine (Min) 10mg/Kg, Riboflavina (Min) 10mg/Kg, Pyridoxine (Min) 7mg/Kg, Vitamin B12 (Min) 30mcg/Kg, Pantotenic Acid (Min) 13,25mg/Kg, Niacine (Min) 20mg/Kg, Folic Acid (Min) 5mg/Kg, Biotine (Min) 500mcg/Kg, Colina (Min) 50mg/Kg, Manganese (Min) 50mg/Kg, Zinc (Min)  175mg/Kg, Iron (Min) 135,5mg/Kg, Copper (Min) 50mg/Kg, Cobalt (Min) 1mg/Kg, Iodine (Min) 3mg/Kg, Selenium (Min) 0,7mg/Kg.

Feeding Guide

*Splitting the daily treatment into two to three servings provides a proper digestion as well as prevents digestive disorders. **Provide clean fresh water and fodder (hay, grass, etc.) of good quality at will.  

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