Finotrato Bio-Litter - Cat Litter


Package Options:

2kg, 4kg, 10,1kg and 25kg

Usage Instructions:

1 - Place a 5 cm layer of the product in a deep litter box.

2 - The sanitary granules will reacts by absorbing the moisture as well as urine and feces odors, forming clumps.

3 - You can scoop out the clumps. The more granules on the tray, the easier the removal will be, preventing the urine from reaching the bottom of the litter box.

4 - You can flush them directly in the toilet or you can throw them away in the garbage bin.

* If you are not currently using this product, start the transition with 2 cm of Finotrato Bio-litter at the bottom of the litter box and cover it with the previous cat litter. In the following week, increase to 4 cm and decrease the quantity of the previous cat litter. Do it gradually until your cat adapts to the new product.


Processed vegetable products and Yucca extract.

Product Indication:

The cat litter, Finotrato Bio-litter, is a milestone in the pet universe, offering practicality with high performance and absorption. Its granules form firm clods, which are easy to be removed and, because their vegetable based, it can be discarded directly into the toilet.

Created to provide the best for your cat, it provides a natural urine and stool odour control. Its 2kg packaging and its ingredients are 100% biodegradable, decomposing faster than the mineral based sanitary granules, not generating any negative environmental impacts.

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