Cardume Omnivorous Fish

42% - Floating extruded feed


02 to 03mm


Between 5 and 100g

Pack Sizes Available:


Enrichment Per Kilogram Of The Product

B.C. Follic 2mg, B.C Pantotenic 40mg, Biotine 1.000mcg, Copper 16mg, Colina 0,60g, Iron 110,56mg, Iodo 0,80mg, Manganese 30mg, Cobalt 0,20mg, Niacine 40mg, Selenium 0,60mg, Vitamin A 8.000UI, Pyridoxine 15mg, Vitamin B12 30mcg, Riboflavina 20mg, Tiamine 10mg, Vitamin C 600mg, Vitamin D3 4.000UI, Vitamin E 160UI, Vitamin K3 4mg, Zinc 140 Mg, Mananoligosacarides 280mg, Beta Glucanas 520mg.

Suitable For

Floating extruded foodd, indicated for the feeding of omnivorous fish grown in intensive (HIGH DENSITY) or semi-intensive systems. It also meets the specific nutritional requirements of Tilapias in the diverse cultivation systems including tank network.

Guaranteed Analysis

Humidity (max) 90g/kg (9%), Crude Protein (min) 420g/kg (42%), Ethereal Extract (min) 70g/kg (7%), Fibrous Matter (max) 30g/kg (3%) Mineral Matter (max) 100g/kg (10%), Calcium (min) 30g/kg (3%), Calcium (max) 10g/kg (1%), Phosphorus (min) 8.000mg/kg (0,8%).

How To Use

Supply the product over the growing area, using feeding rates between 8 and 10% of the stored biomass, or at will until the fish reach their momentary satiety (approx 30 minutes). Divide the daily deal between 2 and 5 servings.

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